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So what is Shafka actually? Cabinet

Shafka in Polish language is basically a cabinet. Well, it is not written exactly this way, but it is much easier to read this way. You can imagine there must be a cabinet for storing software and that is what Shafka exactly is. It is just a cabinet with a lot of software inside. And as you would not keep all existing software in your cabinet as shafka does not contain all available software on Internet.

All programs that are submitted to Shafka are carefully reviewed. It does not always mean there are scanned by millions of antivirus programs available as most of such sites do, but really we look into who is behind a program. What quality it represents. Is an author a trustful person or a company. Of course you never could be 100% sure as Internet is a big trash can, but still there are some factors we are looking for and after we do so, we accept a software on Shafka.

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